The Temple

Kunnathu Bhagavathy Temple Stands testimony to the enchanting stories of those who migrated from to this place 1500 years ago. Stories untold, told, retold unfolds from her. Mother goddess showers her choicest blessings upon her devotes. Devotes look up to her as the most benevolent as their prayers sent up to her has neither become unanswered nor fruitless.

Her celestial beauty is beyond description and devotees have written much in prose and poetry to describe her mesmeric and divine beauty. Even the poet’s poet would fall short of words to describe her charm when the goddess leans on the tall areca nut tree after her morning shower, dressed in deep turmeric yellow, her hair neatly delicately over the other one firmly on the ground and she looks into the golden mirror in her left hand and takes the vermillion with her right ring finger to adorn her peaceful forehead from where it could shine like a flame.